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A Decade of Excellence

Founded by Mufti Abdul Kareem Hazarwi 10 years ago, Usmania Online has transformed from a humble initiative to a leading online madrassa. We now boast a faculty of over 70 certified Islamic scholars and a global student base of 3,000 eager learners.

Why Usmania Online

Our Unique Features

  • 10+ Years of Experience: Our seasoned teachers bring a decade of expertise to your learning journey.
  • Specialized Faculty: Choose from a wide range of qualified male and female Quran teachers.
  • Affordable Learning: Our “Support Fees Only” model ensures accessible education for all.
  • Global Community: Be a part of an international network of students committed to spiritual growth.
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    Transform Your Quranic Journey with Usmania Online

    The Highest Quality

    At Usmania Online, we believe the best education is teaching the Holy Quran, enriching lives here and beyond.

    Comprehensive Learning for All

    We welcome students of all backgrounds and ages, offering tailored courses to make learning both joyful and spiritually fulfilling.

    Choose Your Ideal Teacher

    Select from a range of dedicated Arab and Non-Arab Quran teachers to match your learning style, and start your personalized, one-on-one learning journey.

    More Than Just Quranic Learning

    Usmania Online expands your Islamic education beyond just the Quran, offering courses in Islamic studies, Du'as, Hadiths, and languages like Urdu and Arabic.

    Our Course Offerings

    Join Usmania Online today and experience high-level online Quran classes designed to enrich your spiritual and educational journey.

    Quran Foundation Course

    Your first step to understanding the Holy Quran

    Learn more

    Islamic Foundation Course

    Learn about various aspects of Islam beyond the Quran

    Learn more

    Online Quran Classes for Kids

    Enjoyable and effective learning for our youngest students

    Learn more

    Online Quran Classes Adults

    General courses covering various aspects of Quranic education

    Learn more

    Quran Memorization Course

    Train your mind to memorize the Holy Quran

    Learn more

    Learning Quran Tajweed

    Understand the nuances of Quranic pronunciation.

    Learn more

    Quran Translation Course

    Learn the (Tafseer) meanings and interpretations of the Quran

    Learn more

    Understanding Quran

    Gain a holistic understanding of the Holy Book

    Learn more

    Quran Recitation Course

    Master the art of reciting the Quran with fluency

    Learn more

    Female Online Quran Teachers

    Specialized female instructors for our sisters

    Learn more

    Online Alim Course

    Become a scholar in Islamic Jurisprudence, Hadiths & Tafseer

    Learn more

    Online Alima Course

    Become a female learned scholar in Islamic Sciences and more

    Learn more

    Languages - Arabic

    Expand your linguistic horizons with native language teachers

    Learn more

    Languages - Urdu

    Expand your linguistic horizons with native language teachers

    Learn more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Usmania Online is a leading online madrassa that provides comprehensive Quranic and Islamic education. We offer a variety of courses catering to all age groups and genders, taught by certified Islamic scholars.

    Simply click on the "Start Your Learning" button on our homepage. This will guide you through the sign-up process and allow you to explore our course offerings.

    Alhumdulillah yes, we offer courses suitable for all levels, including beginners. Our "Understanding Quran" course is a great starting point for those new to Quranic studies.

    Absolutely. We have a diverse faculty of over 70 certified Islamic scholars, including both males and females, who have graduated from leading Islamic universities and institutes.

    Alhumdulillah yes, we offer specialized courses for children that make learning both enjoyable and effective. We also have female teachers for sisters who prefer a female instructor.

    Our "Support Fees Only" model is designed to make Islamic education accessible to everyone. These nominal fees help us maintain the quality of our courses and compensate our scholars.

    Yes, for students seeking deeper knowledge, we offer advanced courses like the Alim and Alima courses, which cover Islamic jurisprudence, Hadiths, Tafseer, and more.

    Our primary medium of instruction is English, but we also offer courses in Urdu and Arabic.

    Understanding the importance of Quranic education, especially for those without access to qualified teachers, Usmania Online offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide to learning the Quran:

    1. Select a Qualified Quran Teacher from our diverse faculty.
    2. Choose Your Learning Focus: Whether it's Quran reading, Tajweed, or Quranic Arabic.
    3. Master Tajweed for smoother recitation.
    4. Leverage Resources: Use printed copies, videos, and digital Quran apps for practice.
    5. Set a Regular Study Schedule.
    6. Memorization is Optional: Focus on reading if that's your primary goal.
    7. Seek Feedback from instructors, friends, and family.
    8. Consistent Practice is Key.
    9. Take Time to Reflect on Quranic verses.
    10. Patience and Persistence are Crucial.
    11. Seek Spiritual Insights through prayer.
    12. Share the Knowledge: Teaching others enhances your own learning.
    13. Never Stop Learning.

    While we believe that Quranic learning is a lifelong spiritual journey, if you're looking to make rapid progress, dedication is crucial. Nonetheless, it's essential to balance speed with comprehension and quality. Our advice is to seek professional guidance, minimize distractions, and stay committed for efficient learning.

    If you're just starting out, here's a straightforward guide to begin your journey with the Quran:

    1. Learn the Arabic alphabet or start with Noorani Qaida.
    2. Hire a qualified teacher from Usmania Online.
    3. Understand the basic rules of Tajweed.
    4. Initiate your learning with shorter verses.
    5. Listen to recitations to improve your understanding.
    6. Focus on a single chapter at a time.
    7. Repeated practice is crucial.
    8. Continuously seek guidance for improvement.
    9. Maintain a consistent learning schedule.
    10. Both patience and practice are vital.

    Our platform caters to:

    • Students of all ages, including kids, adults, and females.
    • Learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced.
    • Non-Arabic speakers.
    • People with busy schedules.
    • Individuals in remote or isolated communities.
    • New converts to Islam.
    • Those seeking comprehensive Islamic or Quranic knowledge.

    Yes, Usmania Online specializes in one-on-one Quranic instruction, ensuring personalized and effective learning for students of all ages.

    Absolutely, Usmania Online offers qualified female Quran teachers, providing our sisters with the option to learn in a comfortable one-on-one setting.

    Comments and Feedback

    The Usmania Online Blog

    Assalamu Alaikum! Welcome to the Usmania Online Blog—your ultimate resource for in-depth articles, how-to guides, and inspiring stories designed to enrich your spiritual and educational journey. As a leading online Madrassa with over a decade of experience, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional learning and modern necessities. Our blog reflects this ethos by providing you with a wealth of knowledge, right at your fingertips.